Hello! My name is David Plaxco. I am an assistant professor in the Clayton State University mathematics department with a research focus on undergraduate mathematics education. I moved to Clayton State from the University of Oklahoma, where I was a postdoctoral researcher for two years. Before that, I was a graduate student in the Virginia Tech Mathematics Department, where I earned a master's and doctorate focusing on mathematics education. I earned my bachelor's degree in secondary mathematics from Auburn University and taught eighth grade for two years in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. 


I am interested in how undergraduate students develop notions of mathematical proof - specifically, the various roles that their understanding of the concepts about which they are proving informs their proof activity and argumentation in the classroom. I am also interested in helping preservice teachers (and anyone else interested in mathematics education) learn about how students think and learn to identify and adopt more effective ways to help students learn. Specifically, I like to help teachers shift their perspectives to try and see their students' mathematical activity as the result of ways of thinking that make sense to the student and are consistent from their perspective. An important part of being able to do this is engaging students in meaningful activities that allow their ways of thinking to emerge, so curriculum design is really important. I like geometry, algebra (abstract, linear, you name it!), complex analysis, logic, puzzles, games, and game design.

I also recently developed a fascination with the Rubik's cube! You can read an interview here or check out the @Cubes_Art tab at the top of this page. Here's a sample of the kind of stuff I like to do with Rubik's cubes:  














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