Welcome to the 2021 Amy Ellis SemiCentennial World Tour!! 

Greetings friends and welcome to the super-secret planning committee for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of none other than

Amy Freaking Lynn Burns Ellis!​

On this page, you will find details outlining the planned events and tributes to our dear Amy. Please read through the descriptions of the three sections below and identify which aspects of the SemiCentennial in which you would like to participate. Given the pandemic and all, we're trying to provide as many different opportunities for folks to celebrate Amy's birthday with her, either in-person or virtually. And if you're unable to make any of those, you are of course free to send her your own messages/gifts as you see fit. :) In any case, please click the links at the bottom of this page to RSVP (will really help us plan) and submit memories and photographs of Amy. 

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Basic information:

  • Amy's birthday is on July 3rd

  • Her mailing address is 150 Yonah Ave; Athens, GA 30601 

Memories of Amy (A Hardcopy Gift for Amy; Links Below)

  • Lee (Amy's mom) is collecting friends' and family members' accounts of Amy's life and the impact that she has had on those around her.

  • This is your chance to contribute to that collection, which Lee will order in-print as an album for Amy to keep.

  • If you have a story to share that especially conveys Amy's personality or a specific kindness that she has paid you, please consider writing it up to be included in the collection.

  • Please also feel free to share any photos you have of Amy and/or of Amy and you/your group.   

Athens, GA - Surprise Party (Day-of Amy's Birthday)

  • This shindig will take place on July 3rd, 2021 at Athentic Brewing Co. in Athens, GA (pending booking).

  • Folks can attend in-person, virtually via Zoom, or pre-record a message to play on a loop throughout the party.

  • This is the first of two in-person surprise parties, so if you can't travel to Athens for this day, you have another chance to join (see below).

Spokane, WA - Surprise Party Number 2 (the extra surprise...)

  • This soirée will occur on July 23rd, 2021 at (location TBD) in Spokane, WA.

  • Folks can attend in-person, virtually via Zoom, or pre-record a message to play on a loop throughout the party.

  • This is the second of two in-person surprise parties, so the tricky part here is to make Amy think you would have been in Athens if you could have. Thus, attendees to the Spokane party are strongly encouraged to attend the Athens party via Zoom. This will keep Amy unsuspecting of the second surprise... 😈😈😈